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About Our Christian Preschool

One of the top Christian Preschools in Chandler, Gilbert, AZ and surrounding areas

Your child will receive a well-balanced program:

Wee Blessings Preschool takes care to educate our preschoolers in all methods of learning.  As a Christian preschool we offer a unique approach to early childhood education by incorporating Christian values and teachings into our curriculum. We aim to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for children to grow and learn. In addition to standard academic subjects, Christian preschools like Wee Blessings Preschool & Academy, also teach Bible stories, prayer, and worship, helping children to develop a strong foundation in their faith from a young age. By integrating faith-based teachings with hands-on learning experiences, Christian preschools like ours offer a well-rounded education that focuses on both intellectual and spiritual growth in Chandler, AZ and surrounding areas.

  • Best of the East Valley 2019

  • Best of Chandler 2017, 2018 & 2020

  • Perfect State Inspections (no violations) by The Arizona Department of Health Services/Office of Childcare Licensing - 2008 thru 2020

  • Participated in Preschool Director Mentoring Program - Arizona Department of Health Services Office of Childcare Licensing  2008

  • Certificate of Achievement from the Maricopa County Immunization Data Report - 95% or Higher Compliance for 2013 - 2022

  • Academic Curriculum is Aligned with District and Core State Standards to Prepare Students for Kindergarten

  • Weekly "Wee Worship" Chapel Time 

  • Certified & Highly Qualified Preschool Teachers

  • LOW Classroom Ratios with Teachers Aides

  • Preschool &  School District Calendars Coincide  

  • Fun Hands-On Arts & Crafts

  • Music, Movement & Puppetry

  • Spanish Classes for Pre-Kinder Students

  • Indoor & OUTDOOR Play Areas

  • Monthly Field Trip Excursions (both on and off-site)

  • Christmas & Graduation Programs

  • Lunch Bunch Classes  (Tots in Motion and Stretch & Grow)

Christian Preschools in Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding areas
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